Dana and Kyle at Deerfield

Posted by admin On July - 16 - 2014

Deerfield was the perfect place for Dana and Kyle to celebrate “the best day of their lives”!

Dana was a stunningly beautiful bride and had the personality to match.  Kyle was handsome and the perfect compliment to Dana,

Congratulations to a great couple.

wpid35181-0113_Sappington.jpg wpid35183-0329_Sappington.jpg wpid35185-0522_Sappington.jpg wpid35187-0539_Sappington.jpg wpid35189-0540_Sappington.jpg wpid35191-0589_Sappington.jpg wpid35193-0758_Sappington.jpg wpid35195-0786_Sappington.jpg wpid35197-1351_Sappington.jpg wpid35199-1360_Sappington.jpg

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Julie and Jon at Winterthur

Posted by admin On July - 15 - 2014

Winterthur was the perfect place to celebrate the wedding of Julie and Jon.  The ceremony was held by the reflecting pool and the reception was in their facilities.  What a beautiful wedding for a great couple!

wpid35157-Pearson_0121.jpg wpid35159-Pearson_0329.jpg wpid35161-Pearson_0347.jpg wpid35163-Pearson_0383.jpg wpid35165-Pearson_0395.jpg wpid35167-Pearson_0414.jpg wpid35169-Pearson_0540.jpg wpid35171-Pearson_0629.jpg wpid35173-Pearson_0714.jpg wpid35175-Pearson_1078.jpg

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Heather and Brian at Baywood

Posted by admin On June - 7 - 2014

Baywood Greens was the perfect venue (as always) for Heather and Brian to have their wedding.  There are so many beautiful places in Baywood to shoot, it is a photographers paradise.

Congratulations to this awesome couple!

wpid35128-W0749_Bahr.jpgwpid35132-W1227_Bahr.jpg wpid35130-W1212_Bahr.jpg wpid35126-W0742_Bahr.jpg wpid35124-W0474_Bahr.jpg wpid35122-W0430_Bahr.jpg wpid35120-W0418_Bahr.jpg wpid35118-W0385_Bahr.jpg wpid35116-W0323_Bahr.jpg wpid35114-W0221_Bahr.jpg


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