Watching Holden Grow

Posted by admin On November - 14 - 2014

This family comes to us every year and we love watching their son grow.  What a great family.

Fall is the best time to schedule a family portrait.

wpid35662-128_Baird-2014.jpg wpid35660-113_Baird-2014.jpg wpid35658-089_Baird-2014.jpg wpid35656-074_Baird-2014.jpg wpid35654-010_Baird-2014.jpg wpid35652-001_Baird-2014.jpg

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Love Is In The Air

Posted by admin On November - 12 - 2014

It was a beautiful Fall afternoon and this couple celebrated their love with the perfect engagement portrait session.

What a wonderful couple and we wish them all the best with their destination wedding in April, 2015.


wpid35640-095_Gannon.jpg wpid35638-089_Gannon.jpg wpid35636-076_Gannon.jpg wpid35634-058_Gannon.jpg wpid35632-052_Gannon.jpg wpid35630-029_Gannon.jpg wpid35628-014_Gannon.jpg


Jeanine and Domenic Engagement Portrait

Congratulations to Jeannine and Dominic who are getting married in a tropical place! They looked radiant for their engagement portrait session at the park.  An engagement portrait is an important part of the process of getting married and we feel honored to capture the moment for Jeannine and Dominic.  We wish them the best of luck!

Schedule an Engagement Portrait

We specialize in many different kinds of photography, with one of our favorites being engagement portraits. It’s simply wonderful to capture the love of an engaged couple, one of the most enjoyable stages of the marriage process. We can create the memories that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.  If you would like to book an Engagement Portrait session, feel free to call us at: 610-793-2210 Bev Michel Photography, Engagement portrait West Chester, PA

Engagement Portrait

There are many reasons to book an engagement portrait.  This is such a fun time for a happy couple, get creative and have fun with it! Either on location or at our studio.  We offer a Koi pond with waterfall and several outdoor settings, as well as a modern state of the art studio. Portraits make great gifts for your friends and family, or even use them as wedding decor.  You could also submit an Engagement Portrait to your local newspaper with your engagement announcement.

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Metro Kids Cover Shoot

Posted by admin On November - 10 - 2014

For the second month we were honored to be chosen to shoot the cover for Metro Kids magazine.

Here are a few of the images of the perfect “cover girl”.wpid35616-150_MetroKids_Dec_2014.jpg wpid35614-085_MetroKids_Dec_2014.jpg wpid35612-059_MetroKids_Dec_2014.jpg wpid35610-017_MetroKids_Dec_2014.jpg