Little Footprints in the Sand

Posted by admin On August - 26 - 2014

Bethany beach is a great family place.  This family had a great time making memories.wpid35375-196_Landry.jpg wpid35373-185_Landry.jpg wpid35371-117_Landry.jpg wpid35369-114_Landry.jpg wpid35367-077_Landry.jpg wpid35365-055_Landry.jpg

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Family Beach Portraits

Posted by admin On August - 25 - 2014

There is no better time to schedule a beach portrait!  This family wanted to create a large canvas gallery wrap of their memories at the beach.  These will surely be treasured for many years to come.

wpid35346-052_Wayland.jpg wpid35348-090_Wayland.jpg wpid35350-125_Wayland.jpg wpid35352-130_Wayland.jpg wpid35354-140_Wayland.jpg wpid35356-148_Wayland.jpg wpid35358-220_Wayland.jpg

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Another Sunny Day at the Beach

Posted by admin On August - 19 - 2014

Family Beach Portrait

The summer is flying by but there is still time for a beach family portrait though!  This family had a beautiful day for their portrait session.  Call today to reserve your spot!

This family took advantage of the great weather and had beach portraits taken.

Family Beach Portrait Session

We specialize in many different kinds of photography, one of which is the family beach portrait. It really is important to capture the essence of your family.  If you would like to book us for your family beach portrait, feel free to call us at:  877-318-9888 Bev Michel Family beach portrait Bethany Beach, DE

Family Beach Portrait

A family portrait is one of the most important things you can have in your home.  Remember that a family portrait is not a once-in-a-lifetime event. Families quite often change, they may expand or they may shrink, and they always age. Any addition to the family, whether it’s a baby or a new spouse, makes a great reason for a new family portrait. It’s good to take a new family portrait every three or so years, to chronicle your family through the years.  As your life changes around you, it’s so nice to have a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time in your lives. When everyone is at the beach, its a perfect time for a family beach portrait.


wpid35338-202_Dattani.jpg wpid35336-190_Dattani.jpg wpid35334-168_Dattani.jpg wpid35332-150_Dattani.jpg wpid35330-075_Dattani.jpg wpid35328-028_Dattani.jpg wpid35326-007_Dattani.jpg

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