Light Painting a Ducati

Posted by admin On June - 1 - 2012

In my down time, if such a thing exists, I love to try new creative photographic techniques.  This Ducati, is a classic Italian bike that deserved to be photographed with a classic style – light painting. It has been around for years but has recently sparked my interest.  My good friend, Harold Ross is the master at the technique.

3 Responses to “Light Painting a Ducati”

  1. Vera Toglia-Ross says:

    Sweet Bev! You go girl! 🙂

  2. Al Switzer says:

    Whose Duc? my wife has the exact same one! Nice!

  3. Harold Ross says:

    Bev, very nice shot of Wayne’s Ducati! You are a natural at light painting, but that doesn’t surprise me in the least!

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