Posted by admin On May - 7 - 2014

Leiland is a member of our Storybook Club.  He and his brother are members and we photographed their parents wedding!  We love our customers.  This session totally blew me away.  Leiland was only 2o months and when i brought out the blocks he knew every letter! I have never seen this before.  He was a happy little guy reciting all the letters on the blocks!  Wow.

Here is a video clip…Amazing Leiland at 20 months

wpid34965-79_CARLSON_SBC3.jpg wpid34963-57_CARLSON_SBC3.jpg wpid34961-22_CARLSON_SBC3.jpg wpid34959-15_CARLSON_SBC3.jpg wpid34957-03_CARLSON_SBC3.jpg

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