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Posted by admin On September - 17 - 2014

Jack came in for his very first photo session and brought his big sister and mom and dad along.
He was the perfect gentleman and a great model as well.  Congratulations Julie and Jay!

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Jack’s Newborn Portrait

Welcome our newest storybook member Jack! His big  sister is very excited. Congratulations!   It’s never too soon to capture the essence of a child. Actually our youngest Storybook Club member is only 3 days old! It’s always amazing to capture some of those first smiles, and tiny little feet and hands that grow so quickly.  You can learn more about our Storybook Club below.

Schedule a Newborn Portrait

We specialize in many different kinds of photography, with one of our favorites being children’s photography. It’s truly amazing to capture the pureness a child has at such a young age. As time goes by you will be very glad you captured the moment and made a memory that will last forever. If you would like to book a session for your child, feel free to call us at: 610-793-2210  Bev Michel Photography, Newborn portrait West Chester, PA

Storybook Newborn Portrait

The Storybook Club is one of our most popular programs, offering new and expectant parents the opportunity to document their pregnancy and the first year of their child’s life in the form of beautiful, professional portraits. These portraits are the very stuff that memories are made of, and they will be cherished for generations. During your child’s first years, you’ll want to capture every moment along the way. Our Storybook Club includes a maternity portrait session, newborn portrait session, and 2 others spread out throughout your child’s first year.   Storybook Club is a great choice and you can start with a newborn portrait.


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