The Twins are 1 Year!

Posted by admin On October - 13 - 2014

These two cuties have been modeling for us since before they were born!  They are about to celebrate their one year mark and we celebrated in style with a fun (and sticky) portrait session.

wpid35568-337_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg wpid35566-285_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg wpid35564-279_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg wpid35562-188_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg wpid35560-129_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg wpid35558-123_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg wpid35556-054_SmithTwins_1yr.jpg

2 Responses to “The Twins are 1 Year!”

  1. Ginny Lays says:

    Great photos!!

  2. PRECIOUS pics of these little princesses!!!

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